Use Cases

Some of the Projects that we have worked on.

Other possible Use Cases

What Industries could profit off Haptic Feedback?

Health Care

Use Tactile Feedback for Rehabilitation Purposes, for example to feel Prosthetics, aid Robotic Surgery or complement Physio Therapy.

Industry 4.0

Help People to be in the know in Logistics and Assembly.

Sport & Fitness

Guide the breathing while Rowing or doing Yoga, help navigating while Running or individualise Training Sessions.


Let People feel remote controlled Devices or Robots.


Let People feel where they have to take the next turn or soothe the baby sleeping in the backseat.


Use Haptic Feedback to avoid Sensory Overload in Aircrafts or for Training Purposes.

Consumer Electronics

Take your Wearables or Smart Textiles to a new Level by making them tactile.