Like Photoshop, but for Haptics.

Our software allows anyone to design and deploy Haptic Vibration Feedback, without previous knowledge.

We also offer Hardware Development Kits, flexible and light-weight haptic textiles with up to 48 Vibration Motors.

So anybody can create a haptic prototype
in 10 minutes.

Bringing Tactile Animation to the Market.

You don't have to be an expert anymore to create Haptic or Tactile Feedback – Ghost Suite basically works like graphics software.

Everything you need to become a Haptician.

With our Software Suite and our Tactile Vest and Seat, you have everything at your fingertips to become a Haptic Designer.

Create Haptic Experiences.

Develop rich Haptic UX and start prototyping immediately with our Vibration Pattern Library that comes included.

Ghost Software Suite

Design Vibration Feedback and create Haptic User Experiences – without any coding knowledge.

Ghost Creator

Create Haptic Feedback Patterns with Vibrotactile Animation for all kinds of Haptic Devices and Actuators.

Ghost Studio

Prototype and test your Haptic User Experiences and upload them to your Hardware.
Easy to learn & use
Hardware independent
Available for Windows & macOS

Hardware Development Kits

Design Tactile Feedback without building your own Hardware.

Ghost Seat

Versatile Haptic Seat Mat for all kinds of Seats, Chairs, etc.

Ghost Vest

Lightweight & flexible Haptic Vest that can be worn under your Clothes.
Seamless Integration with Creator & Studio
Realtime Playback
High-precision ERM Vibration Motors
Connect to external Microcontrollers like Arduino via Serial

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