Ghost Software Suite

Designing Haptic Feedback has never been this easy.

Like Photoshop, but for feeling.

Our Software is easy to learn and use. Thanks to its intuitive User Interface, you don't need to have any previous knowledge to design Tactile Feedback.

Hardware independent.

Ghost Suite works with a variety of Haptic Hardware and Actuators.

Available for Windows & macOS


Ghost Creator

Create complex Vibration Feedback Patterns easily with Vibrotactile Animation.

No prior Knowledge of Coding required.

Creator basically works like Photoshop, but for feeling. Just draw Shapes where you want the Vibrations to happen and animate the Shapes with Paths.

Realtime Vibration Playback.

See & feel the Vibrations on your Haptic Device in real time as you create them.

Hardware independent.

Creator works for a variety of Devices and Motors. Want to use your Patterns on multiple Tactile Devices? No Problem, just switch Device and the Pattern will be ported.

Multi-Motor Manipulation.

You dont have to painstakingly edit Single Motors or lots of Waveforms.
Included in Ghost Suite

Ghost Studio

Manage your Pattern Library and prototype Haptic Experiences.

Pattern Management.

Curate and manage all your Vibration Patterns like Playlists.

Live Preview & Modificiations.

Preview (and feel) your Patterns in real time and modify speed & intensity.

Video Prototyping.

Use Video to test Patterns and prototype rich Haptic Experiences.

Hardware Upload.

Easily upload your desired Patterns to your Hardware.

Vibration Pattern Library included.

Studio comes with our Core Pattern Library included, so you can start right away.
Included in Ghost Suite

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