Feel where to take the next turn:
Haptic Navigation Seat

POC Project with Mercedes-Benz Group Research at Startup Autobahn

In February 2020 we presented a Haptic Car Seat for Navigation in Collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Group Research at Startup Autobahn.

The Project

We showcased a way to shift the communication between people and cars with a sense that is rarely activated in everyday-life technology: the sense of touch.

Together with the Research Department of Mercedes-Benz, we developed a Tactile Navigation Seat that comes integrated with 24 High Precision Vibration Motors. The Seat communicates with the cars navigation system to let the driver feel where to take the next turn.

So when when the driver needs to take a turn at an intersection, a Vibration Pattern (we call them Tactons) is played on the left side of the seat to inform the driver of the upcoming turn.

This greatly reduced sensory overload and can be processed subconsciously, resulting in a more relaxing and secure driving experience.

About Startup Autobahn

STARTUP AUTOBAHN is an innovation platform founded by Daimler AG that connects startups of all development stages that drive the ultimate goal: a successful production-ready implementation. It opens its doors to entrepreneurship in the mobility sector. Twice a year, at the peak of each program, is the EXPO Day. This event showcase the work of the business units of their partners together with selected startups.

Watch the Video:

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